Qbees Wholesale


The consumers’ expectations for product choice have never been greater. Consumers of all ages want their products to reflect their individuality, and young people are no different. Whilst they still value the perceived exclusivity of strong international brands, consumers love personalisation, they want to be different, but they want this individuality to come at a low price.


Qbees is built to these core values; choice, individuality, quality and value.


Qbees has been developed to satisfy the young buying public’s insatiable appetite for all things customisable. Qbees are a fun and colourful accessory that allows the user to choose their look,  making use of the latest print on demand technology and short delivery lead-times


All you need to do is walk into any retail outlet throughout the UK (and beyond) to see the demand for mobile phone, tablet and other personal electronic gadget cases.


Qbees ranges can be made to your design specifications, by our in-house design team, ideal for any retailer, corporate, sports team, pop band, or in-fact any organisation that wishes to connect with the younger generation in a fun, low cost and informal way.


Although our route to market initially is B2C, we plan to offer retailers the opportunity to launch their own Qbees ranges to meet their individual needs and specifications.


We are also happy to market third party Intellectual Property under licence to an agreed specification on our website, paying agreed royalties, driving both your and the Qbees brand. Despite being a very new business our back end systems are ready for managing the required reporting to ensure all payments can be made efficiently and within agreed payment timelines.


We plan to offer all retail pack wholesale sales additional revenue streams via loyalty coupons within our packaging, encouraging your consumers to not just buy your stunning Qbees range(s), but also to visit this site, and further personalise their product, giving you added revenue stream, via coupon redemption.


If you are interested in finding out further information on the Qbees product, please in the first instance email us at wholesaleenquiries@qbees.co.uk