Make Qbees a gift


Buying a present is so hard, you know what they like, but how do you find it, and without breaking the bank! – The answer of course is Qbees!


Is your dad an aging rock-star ?


Can you find a picture of him ‘doing his thing’ in the old days!? Use it!

Perhaps  add a parody of you copying him!! Really funny! You can then order a set of Qbees so he can listen to those old tracks again… and think of you when his re-living those music moments again, he’ll laugh every time he listens!

Your girl or boyfriend might like that selfie you took Saturday night of the two of you…perhaps you’ll order a matching set of Qbees?

Why not make Qbees a gift by also including a gift card, so you can add a message just from you, adding to the already uniqueness of your Qbees gift?

Just specify ‘Make Qbees a gift’ to use this free service* just follow the steps when you check-out your Qbees purchase.



Don’t forget once you’ve ordered a set of Qbees you can easily add  to them… perhaps you’ve found a great image you must add to your set…


You can order singles of Qbees, or Qubes, so you can keep your cost down, or you can add your ‘must have’ image to your ‘wish list’ in your Qbees account, and order it, when you have enough to make it better value.



Visit the Qbees Maker now?



* The Make Qbees a gift service is currently free of charge, all we ask is that all messages using this service comply with our terms and conditions and do not use bad language or breach copyright laws.