Jason’s story

My name is Jason Palmer, and I am delighted to say that Qbees is my baby, perhaps you might like to know a little about me and my  Qbees journey.


I was born in 1970, and have lived in my hometown of Ilford for most of my life.  I have always been a frustrated inventor, and have over the years had many ideas, but never one so commercial viable as I firmly believe Qbees are.

I live with my wife and two children, and have since 1987 worked (in my day job) in various travel companies.

Since leaving my first proper long-term role, at a successful tour operator in 2001, I have been looking for my ‘Holy Grail’, ‘the one’ the project that I always knew was around the corner, then one day Qbees came along…

I was sitting in a Westbound Central Line train, waiting to depart, at Leytonstone Station, as I sat there bored, my eyes wandered to a group of people sitting in front of me.  Each boy/girl was very individually dressed, all making their personal fashion statements, but they were all wearing the same white earphones!  Then it hit me, wouldn’t it be fun to decorate those cables!

That was back in 2009, unfortunately for me, at that time making a prototype of Qbees was very expensive, so I was forced to wait, whilst technology was literally coming to my rescue.

… In the Autumn of 2012 I was reading a famous ‘tech’ magazine that highlighted ‘Stuff’ that was new and coming in the technology field, this was my second eureka moment.

I spotted an article about 3D printing, and realised this new technology had the potential to help me to prototype the Qbees, but at a fraction of the 2009 cost!

So with a few clicks of Google, I located a 3D print company in London, got introduced to a lovely chap from Luma-ID a 3D designer, Mark and the journey began.

The Qbees project has been a real white-knuckle ride, learning new skills on the way, meeting people and bringing together a brilliant team of designers, product developers, factory owners, lawyers, accountants, printers, laser cutters, web developers, the list goes on, and all this, whilst still having a day job in the travel company I love.


The journey to bringing Qbees to become a reality has been fun, exhausting, emotional and everything else in between, well worth the effort (whatever the outcome) but definitely NOT for the faint-hearted!


We go live in September 2014, what a journey!