What are Qbees?

We all love those little white earphones, or your favourite cans, but   they do look a little, well, boring? Wouldn’t it be great if your music    matched your look?  Well now  it  can!



Qbees are made of two parts:

 Front and back

Qbees – a small colourful plastic shell that snap together around your ear or headphone cable.


Qubes – These are the small ‘tiles’ that fit inside your Qbees. The Qubes allow us to print images or words on, so you can choose what you want, and we’ll print it for you.


Simply wrap the cable of your earphones through the pegs in the rear section of the Qbees…


Then place a Qube into the central holding frame…


… click the front section to the back, and hey presto!


… repeat as necessary for your collection!



What can we print? …it’s really flexible


Choose from our growing collection of Qubes images, if you can’t find something you like, why not upload an image from your photo album for us to print? Or perhaps a selfie, or a snap of your cat? or perhaps your favourite holiday picture, it’s your call?

 Catalogue or own images

Choose images from our Qubes  OR  upload your own photo snap


As well as images, you can also add a written message on your Qubes, for example you might want ‘I love’ and a snap of your boy/girlfriend, or perhaps ‘Mum’ ‘XX’ and a picture of you and your siblings in a loving pose?  You decide!


Qbees come in five different shapes and colours, we plan many more shapes, sizes and colours, why not follow our Qbees News feature or our social media for the latest releases?

earphones with disassembled qbees

Mix them up!


Why not mix your Qbees up for  more colourful look? just buy two Qbees to start mixing your look!

Mix n match

Don’t forget!


Are you a budding artist? Why not become a Qube designer? Upload your designs for a Qube range, and subject to matching our needs, you can win £50!  Your designs would then be displayed on this site for sale, for everyone to see your fab artwork! This competition is open to anyone from 18 years, for full terms and conditions click here.


And lastly…


We CANNOT print some things!  For example pictures of famous people, that is unless, you’re in a photo with them (cool?!)  We also cannot print other companies slogans, like ‘Just do it’ or ‘I’m loving it’ or their logo’s as these phrases and images are owned by someone.  If you want to know more about the do’s and don’ts of making your Qbees, please click here if you are 18 or over, if not please click here


Buy Qbees now, with the Qbees Maker!






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