Fun with Qbees

Welcome to Fun with Qbees! On this page you can look at the ‘Qubers of the Month’  hall of fame, or perhaps play on our game, or why not learn about how to use this site safely?


Acid Factory:



Instructions: Collect all of the batteries in this Acid Factory game. Watch out for the acid and monsters, don’t let them touch you. Pick up the gun and kill monsters to score points. Jump into the teleporter to move onto the next level.
Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to jump, Z = Fire (when you have the gun).


 Zoolix Touch:



Instructions: Select two or more animals that are connected to score.


Hey! We hope you enjoy playing our games, more coming soon!


Looking forward to buying some Qbees? If you’re using our website for the first time, this is what you need to know….


1. Before using this website make sure your parent or guardian knows you are using it, they should read about us before you buy.


2. Before you can buy Qbees, you need to register an account, which is easy! You can then view what you’ve ordered and look at saved orders you might be thinking about, You can do other cool things too!


3. Remember to use the Qbees website with your parent or guardian, always ask them before you buy Qbees.
4. Remember you can also register a Qbees account through Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
5. Remember to ASK your parent or guardian if you can use their PayPal account when you are buying Qbees we only accept payment via Pay Pal.
6. Remember ALWAYS get permission before you use someone else’s PayPal account.
7. Always be truthful when you register with us, if you tell us wrong information you may not get your order.
8. Always keep you password safe, only you and your parent or guardian should know it, if you think you’ve shared it, please ask your parent or guardian to contact us to reset it.
9. When you click on the ‘Place order and Pay’ you are buying Qbees, please let your parent or guardian do this for you, or watch you, so they can help.
10. When you order, we could run out of your choice of Qbees, if we do, we’ll tell you as quickly as possible, and make sure you are happy
11. When you are uploading a photo, images or using or word editor:
No pictures of famous people, like David Beckham, unless it’s a picture of you meeting him (that’s cool!)  No famous brand wording – like ‘Coca Cola’ or ‘Just do it’ (sorry!)  No rude images, No swear words, nothing that would upset you, or someone else :-(
12. We can only send your order to one address per order.
13. We can deliver it to a friend as a gift, but only to ONE address per order, if it’s a present, why not use our ‘gift card’ to send a personal message.
14. If you are unhappy with your order you can cancel it in some cases, please ask a parent or guardian, if you need help, or contact us.


15. If your Qbees are damaged when you receive them, please get in touch, or ask a parent or guardian to help.
16. If you are unsure about anything on our website, ask you parent or guardian to contact us for help.