About Us

Lets meet the team!


Jason Palmer – Inventor of Qbees, CEO (Chief Excitement Officer!) and General dogs-body!


It all happened on the Central Line…


I’m the misfit here! I work in a successful travel company in North West London.  I have been in the travel industry since 1987 but always had a creative side itching to get out! I constantly get brainwaves and ideas, but making an idea into reality is really quite something else!


Since that fateful day on Leytonstone Underground station (actually not underground at all!) with my mind wondering how boring those plain white earphones are!  … and Qbees was born!



So with the help of a (very) small team of super-talented people, much tea, and many an hour in the ‘Man Cave’ (actually a garage in Basildon!) we have seen a brainwave develop to the super-fun concept that is Qbees… so let the fun begin!
Mark Little – 3D Designer and Co-Founder of LUMA-iD
Hey I’m Mark, a self-confessed geek, lover of gaming, cars and tech.


I am a product designer with over 6 years design experience.  Solidworks 3D CAD software is my expertise but I also love sketching and model making. Totally loving the new wave of 3D Printing excitement and it empowering anyone with a great idea, like Jason’s!



Luke Vos – Professional Product Designer and Co-Founder of LUMA-iD
Pleased to meet you, I’m Luke. I have over 6 years of experience in product development. I enjoy linking my profession of technical product designer to entrepreneurial ideas and business concepts.


I’ve been in the position of senior designer, project manager and entrepreneur while working on own products for the last 3 years. Apart from the design stage I’ve guided many products up to production in the Far East. I’m proud to see various products of my hand available in shops across Europe today.


Lisa Agasee – Public Relations
As a successful publicist in the music and entertainment industry for over fifteen years at EMI and Sony Music, Lisa worked on Michael Jackson’s BAD and Dangerous UK tours and was responsible for the media profile of artists such as ‘Queen of Country’ Tammy Wynette, soul legend Luther Vandross, ex Hall and Oates singer Daryl Hall, Michael Jackson’s nephews 3T and Irish girl group B*Witched.
Branching out as an independent PR consultant, Lisa also worked with Simon Cowell before he shot to worldwide fame with X Factor.
Sajidoon Nadeem – Head honcho, Mindblazetech.com


Greetings! I am the Chief Technology Officer at Mindblaze Tech.  (Qbees website designers).


I strongly believe that every good idea deserves the chance to be turned into an amazing product, regardless of the complexity of its design or engineering.   Simply put, I don’t see technology as “the answer”.   For me, the answer lies in helping a client discover what the potential of their product can be and how to express it in new ways – and then using the appropriate digital mediums to deliver that idea to the world!
This website is a classic example of an amazing idea built through beautiful design, solid engineering and mature agile development practices.
Oh, I am not working all the time. So in my spare time, I like to workout, play cricket and enjoy nature. :)